A history, a family and a winery that reflect the natural beauty of Chianti; Fietri is steeped in history, but relatively new to the commercial world with the first wines for sale commercially in 2006….

The Fietri estate, centrally located between the provinces of Florence, Arezzo and Siena has one of the most charming and characteristic settings in the heart of “Chianti Classico”.

While other farms have not kept in touch with traditional methods, the Fietri land, with its ridged terraces, olive groves, vineyards and forests, preserves the work done over the centuries to maintain the  terrain and nurture its rich resources.

In only  8 years, Fietri is producing world-class wine, receiving an enviable, attention-grabbing collection of international awards.

Wine writers and makers agree that structure, complexity, fruit sweetness and balance set Fietri wines apart.

Fietri Reds, Whites and Roses are building an international reputation due to their elegance and style.

Comparisons with famous Super Tuscans, the classic home of Fietri is quickly competing and offering consumers interesting and complex wines that are award quality.