Gemina from Bodegas San Isidro  – “Great Winegrowers, Great wines”.

Gemina was the name given to Jumilla by the people of ancient Rome  during their occupation of the land.

The winemakers at Bodegas San Isidro have a deep knowledge of Monastrell and the best wine-making techniques which enables Bodegas San Isidro to create a wide range of wines with high national and international recognition.

The vineyards of Gemina are steeped in centuries of history that dates back to the Romans, who offered fruits to the Roman gods in the form of wine.

Gemina has a unique identity ,  the European root stock is over thirty years old,  the yields are very low, the grapes are specially selected and handpicked, and the wines are aged in new American and French oak creating refined and rounded character.

Bodega San Isidro is the winery with the largest area of un-grafted Monastrell vineyards in the world, a fact that makes it unique.