West Cork Distillers

Welcome to West Cork Distillers, a company founded by three good friends who were inspired by the true character of West Cork and a lifelong desire to make the best Spirits in the world.

This story was born, in 2008, in the small fishing village of Union Hall in West Cork, Ireland out of a deep love and passion for the ancient art of distilling, which first originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago.

The Kennedy name is part of their heritage and two of the three friends were deep sea fishermen for much of their lives.

Kennedy’s is a delicate fusion of the finest Celtic whiskies and malt to insure a unique, challenging and august drinking experience. Kennedy’s is handcrafted in West Cork, Ireland and is infused with Irish and Bourbon cask oak using a proprietary infusion process. It is then steeped in malt through an artisan and near-forgotten technique. The resurrection of this lost steeping process insures to marry a smooth and clean finish whilst retaining a vibrant and distinctive character. Kennedy’s is inspired by Ireland’s proud and approachable ethos to guarantee satisfaction.

We aim to be a centre of excellence for the distillation of brown spirits, and to deliver innovative products to meet and stimulate international market demand.”